New Online Colouring Pages

New Online Colouring PagesThe latest additions to the colouring site is the New Online Colouring WOW page. This came about from discussions at work with my good friend Matt Walker who’s very clever at coding. There are some things as a website designer you shouldn’t really do. One is to put loads and loads of images on a page with very little supporting text, I knew how this would look visually and I knew that when seen the viewer would go WOW! so I just did it, totally wrong in some minds but I love it, simply click the picture you want to colour in and it loads the new colouring application for that chosen image.

I have added a banner to the top right of all the pages on the main section of the site which links in to this new page.

Tonight I have added four more new ones to the Bird Coloring section of the site that are also featured on the ‘WOW page’. The birds have taken a bit longer as I’m trying to get the right colours in the right places :) Still got a few more to add to get all the ones in that section featured and then I’ll be adding some new drawings and a few new faster to make WOW pages.

Hope you guys like the new ones? One of the great things I didn’t really realise is I get to play and colour them in to make the little thumbnail images, which I do really enjoy, takes a bit more time on each one but I test them all before they go out live.

Love to get some feedback on these, what do you guys think of them?

Here’s a link to Matts site if you want to check out more of his cool coding, this one’s to a really cool Dino Pairs CSS3 Game another great one for you and  your kids.


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Kids Clock Faces

Kids Clock FacesKids Clock Faces, yes, not the normal stuff I tend to create for my site. These came about from after my Daughter and I came back from our Rainy Walk last Sunday. Freya is pretty good telling the time, but sometimes it causes confusion, We were telling the time by just looking at the clock on the wall, Frey said instead of ‘ten past four’ she said its ‘fifty minutes to five’.

Out came the paper and pencils and we drew clock faces and I gave Frey random times and she had to draw where the small hand and the big hand would be to create that particular time.

Straight away I thought, it would be good if you could just print the kids clock faces out rather than having to draw them one by one. So that’s what I did…

I have created three PDF files for download:

As you can see above I have added subtle arrows showing the direction the hands travel and also added past and to to the images to help the kids remember.

The basic ones’ have a marker on each hour and the detailed ones have sixty sub sections as seen above. Hopefully these will be of use to other parents. If there’s something I’ve missed or you think needs to be added, please let me know.

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Cat by the Fire Colouring Page

Cat by the Fire Colouring Page

Another one from the Farm, this one is based on my Cat Maxy, who now lives up there.

Maxy loves warm things, he will sit on radiators the back of the Aga and loves being in-front of the fire.

This one is another medium difficulty cat coloring sheet and works well for children of all ages. There are lots more Cat Colouring Pages featured on my site, some complicated and some very simple and designed for younger kids to colour in.

I’ll also be adding these new ones to the On-line Colouring section where your kids can also color them in using your computer.

As always feel free to leave a comment below, and let me know what you think of the site, great to get feedback!

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Cat Fishing Coloring Page

Cat Fishing Coloring Page

These are some of the new ones that I drew at the Goat Farm while looking after my Mum, while she was getting better.

This new addition to the site features a cute Cat fishing, a medium level kids colouring page that should be suited to children of all ages.

The Cat is playing with a small fish that’s swimming round in a goldfish bowl, really like this new one and hopefully you guys will as well, feel free to leave a comment below.

There are lots more Cat Colouring pages and Fish Colouring pages also available on my site, with a large range of easy and more complicated kids printables.

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Where the Wild things are #3

where the wild things coloring

The last one of this set inspired by the film where the wild things are.

This colouring page has Max as the main character with Moishie hiding behind a tree. The first where the wild things are #2 colouring page can be found here along with the first drawing that I created.

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Where the Wild things are #2

Where the wild things are

Another one inspired by watching the film where the wild things are with my Daughter (still a great film and worth checking out)

This addition to the site shows Max dressed as a King standing next to Moishie. Again trying out some different drawing styles on these new ones to try to fit in with the theme of the film. The first where the wild things are colouring page can be found here.

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Goat Wordsearch

Goat WordsearchJust released another two interactive word-search games bringing the total featured on the site to thirty. The new easy goat puzzle is ideal to teach younger children how to play, nice and easy with a small puzzle and a limited amount of small words.

I’ve got loads more of these to add to the site and also open to requests. So if there’s one you want featured on the site, feel free to leave a comment.

Been great fun making these and testing them, hope you guys enjoy completing them…

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Latest On-line Coloring Pages


Just added another nine NEW on-line colouring pages to my site, the new ones are from the people section of the site and have added functionality, including colour picker, magic brush and the ability to save the images and print the final versions out (you can also put them on your facebook gallery)

The latest additions to the site are:

Still a load of new ones to add, hope you guys like the new additions?

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Online Christmas Coloring

Online Christmas ColoringJust launched 9 new Xmas on-line coloring pages, featuring a selection of images. Some simple and some more complicated, which should be good for older children and adults. Still really like the new online app, save the finished image, post it to facebook or simply print it out…

Also check out the teddy online colouring section with loads of new coloring pages for kids of all ages.

Loads more coming soon…

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Online Bear Coloring

Spent ages over the last few weeks working on configuring a new solution to the on-line coloring section of the site. The old one is good for basic colouring but falls over when you want to save the image or print it.

We now have a new online kids coloring version that I am demoing in the teddy bear section of the site. Just added thirteen new teddy bear pictures than can be coloured in using your computers.


Some of the new features:

  • Undo mistakes
  • Alter brush sizes
  • Magic Brush, Flood fill and Real brush
  • Print out finished picture
  • Save created pictures (3 optional sizes)
  • Sound (that can be turned off)
  • Post to Facebook gallery

As always interested to get feedback on what you think about it… Next thing is to get all the existing ones swapped over to the new platform and some of the other 300+ drawings that I have done over the past few years.

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